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For example, the repayment of the loan in Pere the first demand of the lender (call credit), the order of demp the decision of credit (overdraft, overdraft). Commercial banks INTRODUCTION According to the Russian law established, what companies, organizations, institutions, regardless of their organization traditionally, the legal form and therefore the property: • are required to keep their funds in banks; • must make payments on its obligations with other enterprises in a cashless order through institutions ban cov; • can have the cash within the limits established by the banks in consultation with the chief production enterprises. However, the above classification is based on chaotic- tion, haphazard qualifying signs. Trust (trust) services. But not the variety of services provided by banks, explains their role in the modern economy. Issuance of guarantee for third parties providing IP- implementing the obligations in the monetary form. It is extremely difficult to get a loan for commercial purposes, if the borrower "zero" balance (minimum s ' share capital or any results). Thus, banks can influence the development of industries and sectors economy allowing this development. For the lender: • the ability to predict the activities of the Bank or credit the organization in this direction; • obtaining detailed information about the activities of the borrower that is allows to significantly decrease the risk. Guarantee fulfillment of requirements of the creditor-pledgee is only a certain property of the debtor, i.e., only the property which, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation can be alienated. The Foundation again is laid, and obtained loans serve as a source of financing of the next of the construction phase. After assessing the borrower's creditworthiness and benefits- ness credit operations, the Bank enters into with the borrower of the credit agreement (credit agreement). In the laws of the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands clearly established the right of state authorities to cancel the decision the Central Bank, and also to instruct him. The tenure of the top management of the Central Bank or not limited at all (Denmark, Finland, Norway), or limited to a sufficiently large term: 7 years in Canada The Netherlands, Australia, 8 years in Germany. The most common classification is the following: 1.

Interest rates on loans are usually determined by the Bank as a contractual agreement with the borrower; they are installed on the period attributable to the credit agreement. Passive operation is a set of operations that provide promoting the formation of commercial Bank resources. Mediation in the loan became one of the important functions of commercial cal Bank. Moreover, "the Banks, especially the issuing Bank, should be free from political pressure, they need to be managed on the principles of mind- governmental Finance." Initially the banks of the upper level is called emission and formed as a joint stock company with special floor- the authority. This period is stipulated in the loan agreement.

Standing out from among the large commercial banks- measures of capital and large volumes of transactions, penny Central banks have lost ground, losing the leadership in this area the commercial banks. Along with banks moving money in the markets imple- Directors carries out and other financial institutions: investment funds, insurance companies, stock exchanges, brokerage, dealership and D. The interest rate on this loan is lower than on fixed-term loans. The result is the free movement of financial resources in the economy, the corre- current market type of relationship. 3. For receiving the credit the borrower submits to the Bank (creditor) application and other required lender documents. Thus, between teaching and teaching itself arises inter relations in which the learning material is reported from the perspective of the teacher- to the user, it becomes clear to the student and good for them to digest. enroll received on these accounts the amount you complete disposal of businesses on their listing and issue with accounts and conduct other banking transactions, provided- ing Bank rules and treaties. THE ORIGIN AND NATURE OF BANKS The word "Bank" comes from the old French "banque" and means "table".


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For example, the repayment of the loan in Pere the first demand of the lender (call credit), the order of demp the decision of credit (overdraft, overdraft).

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